Insurance Coverage

Laser vein surgery or foam sclerotherapy for the treatment of chronic venous hypertension is covered by most insurance companies due to the severe complications that can result from not treating the problem. Insurance companies recognize the serious risks of not treating this condition and have begun to cover the treatment since it is very effective and safe.

Most insurance companies also pay for the initial medical diagnosis of chronic venous hypertension, including the medical evaluation and the duplex ultrasound examination. Graduation compression hosiery usually are not covered by most insurance companies. Patient co-payments typically are about 20% of the cost of the procedure.

If Vein Specialties is not contracted with your insurance company, we may be able to arrange an out-of-network or gap exception for patients who have to travel more than 50 miles to see a vein specialist.  So please ask our staff to assist you in obtaining coverage.

At Vein Specialties, we want you to be free of pain, swelling, restless legs and the risks of blood clots and leg ulcers, so we tailor payment plans to assist you in obtaining the needed treatments.