Polidocanol – Treatment for Spider Veins

At my practice, I treat many individuals, especially women, who suffer from varicose veins. These are large, bulging veins in the legs and they can be extremely painful for the patient. Caused by heredity, varicose veins can be worsened by standing for long periods; when the legs are stationary for a long time, the venous valves become damaged allowing blood flow to reverse and pool in the legs. Obesity and pregnancy are also causes of varicose veins.

Identifying Varicose Veins

Typically, the first step is to identify the cause of the varicose veins by learning of the patient’s medical history, their family history and performing a physical exam. The most common symptoms include pain, swelling, heaviness, restless legs, muscle cramps, bulging veins, itching (rash), brown coloring, thick skin, and leg ulcers. However, some patients may not show obvious signs such as visible vein swelling and may not know that this could be the cause of their discomfort. For this reason, it is important to perform ultrasound mapping to get a better view of the veins. This study will show which veins are not working optimally.

Treatment for the damaged veins involves the use of laser heat to seal them and redirect blood flow to its proper course up towards the heart. Spider veins, which are small, threadlike veins in the skin, are treated with Polidocanol. This foaming agent is administered through the veins using a butterfly needle and causes the vein wall to shrink and seal permanently. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Asclera ™, a brand name for Polidocanol.

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Polidocanol – Treatment for Spider Veins