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The most common shaving problem is razor burn, actually irritant dermatitis, from blunt blades, dry shaving, shaving too fast, applying too much pressure on the razor, and going against the direction of hair growth. Prevent this problem by using a non-soap shaving lotion such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and a fresh blade with each shave.  Apply topical Vitamin C serum and Oil-Less Moisturizer afterward.  Nicks and cuts can also be prevented by using a fresh blade and not applying as much pressure. Folliculitis is infection in the hair roots which may require prescription antibiotics for a cure.  Pseudofolliculitis is the medical term for "razor bumps" or ingrown hairs that occur when curly hair curls back into the follicle, causing inflammation.  Laser hair removal may be the only solution to this problem. Consultation with a dermatologist will get you going in the right direction.