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Laser Eyelid Lift

Baggy upper eyelid skin is best removed with the Active FX fractional CO2 laser because it removes the extra skin painlessly and without scarring in a 10 minute procedure.  Healing takes place over the next 5 days.

The problem in the lower eyelid area usually results from loss of deeper tissues on the cheek below the eyelid.  Lack of this supporting cheek makes the lower eyelids appear baggy with dark circles below them. A two-step treatment is necessary to improve this area.  First, the Active FX laser shrinks and tightens the skin of the lower lids.  After healing for 2-3 weeks, dermal cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse are usually required to complete the cosmetic restoration. Filler is injected into the hollow areas we call dark circles, providing support to the eyelids. With this two-step minimally invasive procedure: laser plus filler, the need for eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is rapidly becoming outmoded.